Eye Doctor in Brooklyn, New York

3Visions is a unique ophthalmology practice that uses an individualized approach to eyecare that combines the best of technology and holistic care.

Dr. Rondai Evans’s Approach

Possessing a strong passion for visual health, Dr. Evans applies a patient-oriented approach. This means that the patient and their individual needs are always the priority. Dr. Evans always goes the extra mile in explaining conditions and treatment options so that patients are comfortable, educated, and happy with their eye care. 


The Space

Located in Bed Stuy

The practice is located in a Bed-Stuy Brownstone that is designed to help you feel comfortable and cared for. When you come to this unique neighborhood ophthalmology practice, you will be serviced with technology based eye care combined with a sensitivity to your personal needs. 

The Care

Dr. Evans uses a holistic care approach to optimize healthy eyes, focus on prevention, and treat problems. The care combines modern technology with a strong network of other wellness practices. 3Visions is a place of equity for BIPOC, Latinx, LGBTQIA, low income communities, and all people regardless of background to access the highest quality eye care. 


Very Friendly

Dr. Evans is very knowledgeable and an expert in his profession. I have been in his care for over 10 years, and I felt very comfortable. His office staff are very friendly, and they makes the atmosphere feels great and relaxing. I strongly recommend him to anyone seeking eye care.

Stacy P.


Relaxing Atmosphere

Dr. Evans is the expert! Very knowledgeable, professional, honest and timely. His staff is friendly, engaging and provide a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Whether you are in need of a routine eye exam or you have some challenges or concerns, this is the Board Certified Doctor and Surgeon with whom you should entrust your eye care.




Knowledgeable, honest doctor. Office staff are also very helpful and nice. Dr. Evans is board certified, has been practicing for years, and went to a top school. His office is easy to find on the ground floor with a comfortable waiting area. Was in and out efficiently. Definitely recommend.

Karin T.

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Our Services

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Even if you have good vision, an annual eye exam is an important wellness practice.

Surgical Evaluation

We provide personalized care and a compassionate approach to the surgical process.

Computer Vision Evaluation

Eye strain, tired eyes, and dry eye are common symptoms of computer users. Find out how digital devices are affecting you.

Contact Lens Evaluation

3Visions is the place to learn about the healthiest practices of contact lens use.

Child Eye Check Up

3Visions provides eye wellness guidance for children and their parents.

Explore Our Practice

3Visions is a way of thinking about your health that begins with your eyes and expands to consider other aspects of your overall health.

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Grandparents Spotlight

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Finding a doctor that looks like me

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What are these dark circles under my eyes?

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Everyone needs a good looking pair of glasses

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Getting Wiser

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Knowing is half the battle

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