Don’t mess with my lashes

People are often proud of their lashes and very protective of them whether they are natural or synthetic.  Synthetic (false) lashes are very popular and people can be very invested in using them.  They are generally safe to use but there are some eye conditions that can result from using them.  The most common problem is conjunctivitis.  If you experience any itching, redness, or discomfort in the eyes after applying synthetic lashes, you should see an eye care professional immediately.  The glue that used to apply the synthetic lashes to the natural lashes can cause chemical reactions in the eyes.  This is usually the source of the conjunctivitis.  The application of the lashes should be done by an experienced aesthetician because more serious conditions can occur from improper application and care.  Glue can be spot tested on an area of skin on the arm before putting it near the eyes to check for an allergic reaction.  

An alternative to glue is a magnetic eyeliner that enables you to attach magnetic eyelash extensions to your natural lashes.  All of these products must be taken care of with proper cleaning, sanitizing, and hygiene to avoid problems.  Go to professionals that you trust and buy products from places that you trust.  Latisse is an FDA approved lash growth enhancer.  It is applied to the natural lashes to help them grow longer and require a prescription from a licensed provider.  The natural purpose of the lashes is to keep particles out of the eyes.  They work together with the lids to protect the eyes. Looking good is important but also caring for the lids, natural lashes, and eyes is also important.