Eye makeup tips to look good safely

The eyes are an essential part of our cosmetic look.  Eye makeup can enhance the beauty of the eyes.  But there can be a cost if not done safely.  There a few things that can be done in your regular eye makeup routine to ensure that your eyes and the area around the eyes stay healthy and avoid unwanted problems. 

The eyes are very delicate and the lids and lashes are the protection for them.  So protecting the eyes means protecting the lids and lashes as well.  The skin of the lids are very thin and delicate.  Be sure to use products that are only meant to be used on the eyelids and eye area.  Replace make up at least every 3 months to prevent infections.  

Always wash your face before applying eye makeup.  When putting makeup on the lids and lashes, avoid the lash line which is the place where the lash comes out of the skin.  This is the area where the oil glands release oil to the surface of the skin and also onto the eye.  These oils are important for the function of the eyes.  If they get blocked or become too oily, the tear film on the eye can be damaged.  The tear film helps our eyes feel comfortable and see clearly.  So good maintenance of the lids and lashes, helps keep the eyes seeing well and feeling good.  

Eye makeup must be removed completely each night.  This can be done with vaseline or oil based makeup remover.  These are good removers of oil based makeup but then they also leave an oily residue which can build up and cause problems.  This residue can be removed with a mild tear free detergent like baby shampoo or water based eye makeup removers.  Make a routine of this like brushing your teeth and help your lids and lashes continue to help protect your eyes.