My Eyes are Good

Education is power. Not just formal education, but general education about yourself and the world.  Education comes from formal institutions like schools and workplaces, but also from experience, mentors, and people around you. Doctors must be seen as a source of education about your body. You may know that your eyes are good but a doctor can give you more insight into how good they are and how to keep them that way. Plus you must learn how to navigate a healthcare system that can be confusing and it is better to learn that system while you are well. So the first step, is to find an optometrist or ophthalmologist that you feel comfortable with. Make an appointment and verify their credentials online. Some eyeglass stores are focused on selling glasses and not eyecare. To protect yourself from this deception, ask questions to find out details about your eyes. Ask what was found on the exam. Ask what is normal. Ask about your optic nerve and eye pressure and retina exam. If treatment or glasses are prescribed, ask why and how it will help you. So, go check out how and why your eyes are good.