Comprehensive Eye Exam

Even for those with good vision, annual eye exams are an important wellness practice. Undergoing an eye exam can be critical in detecting diseases in their earliest stages.

During an eye exam, the pupils, retina, eye pressure, visual fields, eye muscles, eye tissue, and many other parts of the eye are all checked—as well as screening for glaucoma and other eye illnesses.

Eye exams are necessary to prescribe proper corrective lenses or contacts, but can also serve a more specialized purpose, such as determining eligibility for laser refractive surgery or monitoring an eye condition. Regular eye exams are the key to preserving good vision for life and learning the best practices of optimizing vision.

Our Services

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Even if you have good vision, an annual eye exam is an important wellness practice.

Surgical Evaluation

We provide personalized care and a compassionate approach to the surgical process.

Computer Vision Evaluation

Eye strain, tired eyes, and dry eye are common symptoms of computer users. Find out how digital devices are affecting you.

Contact Lens Evaluation

3Visions is the place to learn about the healthiest practices of contact lens use.

Child Eye Check Up

3Visions provides eye wellness guidance for children and their parents.