Integrated Care & 3Visions Philosophy

3Visions holds a philosophy that merges the basic human principles of the body, mind and spirit with today’s digital-heavy world. We take scientific information and blend it with spirituality to create a symbiotic way of life that promotes better health and better living. Healthy eyes depend on having a balanced mind, body and spirit.


“I see my patients as a whole person, not just a set of eyes or an eye disease. I want to help each person achieve maximum eye performance and care, while building a caring relationship at the same time. I tailor treatments for the individual in the context of their life so that when they leave the office, they have the tools and knowledge to care for themselves.” – Dr. Evans. 


Getting to

Dr. Evans personally spends the time with you discussing your history, symptoms and lifestyle. You’ll receive one-on-one attention, centered around your eye health in a way that enables you to be heard and understood.

In-depth Evaluation and Analysis: 

You will receive testing depending on your condition that may include diagnostic exams like a visual field, OCT analysis, fundus photography, and slit lamp evaluation. This in-depth look at all parts of your vision can uncover the source of any current issues while also predicting possible future issues.


Eyecare Plan:

With input from you, a plan will be tailor made for you with recommendations on tools, lifestyle management, medications, procedures, and other more specialized referrals. Dr. Evans takes the time to teach you about your vision regardless of your background, age, or education level. He will always explain things in a way that is easy for you to understand.

Our Services

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Even if you have good vision, an annual eye exam is an important wellness practice.

Surgical Evaluation

We provide personalized care and a compassionate approach to the surgical process.

Computer Vision Evaluation

Eye strain, tired eyes, and dry eye are common symptoms of computer users. Find out how digital devices are affecting you.

Contact Lens Evaluation

3Visions is the place to learn about the healthiest practices of contact lens use.

Child Eye Check Up

3Visions provides eye wellness guidance for children and their parents.

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