Sunglasses are the sunscreen for the eyes

Sunglasses are more than a fashion accessory and more than a way to feel comfortable in the bright sun.  Sunglasses are a form of protection against damage that occurs in our eyes from the sun.  The dangers of the sun to the skin has been widely accepted and most people understand the importance of using sunscreen to protect the skin from the UV radiation that can lead to skin cancer.  

The UV radiation causes chemical reactions in the body that can create harmful effects such as skin cancer, macular degeneration, cataract formation, and retinal damage.  The body can repair much of this damage and has pigmented parts to protect itself against the UV rays of the sun.  But, the body can always use a little help.  Sunglasses can provide this help to the eyes. Sunglasses can block the damaging UV radiation from reaching the eyes.  When buying sunglasses, look for glasses with UVA and UVB blocking labels.  The darkness or color of the lenses do not matter, the UV coating is actually clear.  So, just check the label and buy the style that makes you feel good.  Then, go enjoy being in the sun!