Trust takes time

Home remedies have been the first choice treatment for many people for many years.  Home remedies are often very good and should be incorporated into how people take care of themselves.  But they can become a problem when they interfere with science based medical care.  

People take their advice from, follow, and believe in people who they trust.  And they trust people that they believe care about them.  This is why home remedies are so important.  They are passed down from people who care about you.  They come from your mother, your father, your grandmother, your neighbor, your brother, etc.  These people have been connected to your life for years.  There is a feeling of care that has developed over time.  

Doctors can connect in this way as well.  Many are very good at creating a bond in a few minutes and they may also care very much for their patients.  But patients may not feel the same connection that they get from a person that they have been connected to for years.  The only way to truly form that connection is through time.  

Healthcare does not often have time because some treatments and decisions must be done quickly to be effective.  But, luckily there are spaces in healthcare and particularly in eye care where doctors and patients can build a relationship over time.  Eye exams are an opportunity to build that relationship.  You can learn specific things about your eyes and find trust with a science-based expert who cares about you and your vision.  Then the advice and home remedies of the others who care about you can be incorporated in a comprehensive plan that completely cares for you and your eyes.  So, use regular eye exams over the years to add another trusted person to your caring circle.