Why should I schedule an eye exam today?

An eye exam is one of those things that many people say they should do but keep putting it off as life gets in the way.  A lot of things that we take for granted get put off for another day.  It is human nature to take our sight for granted since in most cases it works so seamless.  But our vision is a complex system that does need periodic evaluation and maintenance just like your car.  2 things happen when you check your eyes regularly.  First, you catch any problems early and early detection is the best way to have a successful outcome in any treatment.  Second, you learn about your body in a personal and unique individualized way that enables you to go home and take better care of yourself.  It allows you to be in control of your health and body (eyesight).  

The American Optometric Association recommends yearly eye exams with an eye care professional from age 6 to 17 and then again yearly after the age of 65.  Between the ages of 18 to 64, the recommendation is to get an eye exam at least every 2 years.  Now, these recommendations are for asymptomatic people who have low risk.  People who have higher risk of eye conditions such as contact lens wearers, people with family history of eye conditions, people with systemic health conditions that may affect the eyes like diabetes, and a host of other situations that are outlined on their website can be seen more often as recommended by their eye care provider.  Eye screenings for newborns to age 5 is most commonly managed by the pediatrician and follow the recommendations of the American Academy of Ophthalmology.  

These are the general schedules for getting eye exams but the key is to commit to doing it.  So, avoid the trap of taking your vision for granted and get on track of your eye exam maintenance today.